There are no insurance companies that reimburse for a home visit except for the Oregon Health Plan. Additionally, insurance companies require that I provide a diagnosis and are allowed to request records that are then entered into a database, calling into question the definition of confidentiality. Consequently, many individuals elect to forego using their medical insurance in order to protect their privacy. Also, insurance companies expect that a provider will comply with their managed care requirements, dictating that psychotherapy should be utilized as an intervention for reducing targeted symptoms in as short a time as possible. Providers are routinely contacted by insurance companies to report personal information about their patients and pressured to formulate a “scientific, evidence-based treatment plan.” In short, when you use medical insurance for psychotherapy, the insurance company dictates how treatment should be delivered. This model of practice is often crippling and certainly not conducive to individualized treatment.

In-home visits are charged at $225.00, due at the end of a fifty-minute appointment. Phone, Skype and other remote appointments $160.00.

If it is more convenient, I can provide a monthly statement net 15 days. I do not accept credit cards.